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Wilson Insurance has been insuring churches in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina since it's inception in 1982. We write through multiple companies to ensure you get the best rate possible. James Wilson handles all of our churches, so you know any question or concerns you have will be answered by a veteran in the industry.

Why GuideOne?

GuideOne developed the nation’s first multi-peril package policy for churches in 1962. Today, GuideOne protects more than 46,000 houses of worship across the United States. They have also received  endorsements and recommendations from several prominent denominations.


Industry-leading FaithGuard Church insurance package.
Additional coverages to customize your level of protection
Safety resources to help you identify and reduce areas of risk
Additional services, including Benefit Plans and the Group Affiliated Program
Construction services to help you rebuild after damage or add on to existing facilities
church insurance


guideone insurance


GuideOne offers an incredible risk management service for all their insured’s, known as Safechurch. Not only does Safechurch provide a wealth of information to protect your church and congregation, but many churches are eligible for a discount of up to 15% on their insurance in doing some of the risk management steps.

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